🏙️ $20M for Burnaby businesses

Plus, learn about major announcements from anchor companies Absolute Software, General Fusion, and Science World.

A short week means less news, right? Not for Vancouver tech.

This week, local anchor company Absolute Software was officially acquired by Crosspoint Capital, General Fusion received $33.5 million in a series F round to build a new fusion reactor new YVR airport, and the Government of Canada announced $20.8 million in funding for Burnaby businesses. All that to say: local companies are on the grind, and don’t let up after a long weekend.

Oh — and Vancouver Tech Journal is making moves too. We’re bringing an incredible guest to town next month that we can’t wait to reveal to you. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for a very special announcement.

Now onto today’s briefing. It’s 1,208 words: a four-minute read.

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General Fusion machine to be built at Vancouver International Airport

The company has raised $33.5 million to fund the machine, which it hopes will produce more energy than is consumed for the reaction by 2026.

Metro Vancouver is known as the Silicon Valley for hydrogen fuel cells. But with stiff international competition for customers, the advantage could be Vancouver’s to lose.

The link-up taps into Tabit’s buy now, pay later solution.

Plus, find out which CEO made Forbes’ Cloud 100 Rising Stars 2023. Read our top member briefing from last week (members only)

Helping innovators and changemakers tell their stories

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Tech leaders know their products and services are brilliant, but sometimes need help explaining why they matter and how they will create positive change. Switchboard communicates game-changing ideas to target audiences in a way that’s accessible and exciting.

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🤝 Funding and deals

The Metro Vancouver Region’s “Untapped” Opportunity

Recent dry conditions and unprecedented heat waves in Metro Vancouver and beyond highlight the need for innovation in industries such as water tech, a hidden gem of the region’s clean tech sector.

Read Invest Vancouver’s research for an overview of the sector and recommendations for capitalizing on this untapped opportunity.

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