2022 recap: The stories that mattered

We’ve picked one article from each month to showcase how this year progressed for the Vancouver tech ecosystem.

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There are too many ways to say that 2022 was one hell of a ride, so here I am writing it in the most simple way I can: 2022 was one hell of a ride.

The prevailing narrative is that this year has been a tale of two halves. Winter and spring were characterized by strong shoots of recovery – think unicorns, job growth, and Fast 50 contenders. When summer waned, economic headwinds started to blow in, leading to layoffs, layoffs, and more layoffs.

But that paints too simplistic a picture. Doubtless some businesses had to tighten their belts in the second part of 2022, but funding was still rolling in for local companies. More than $1 billion was raised in Vancouver this year, and that’s just the businesses we wrote articles about. Plenty of that cash came in the latter half of 2022, and no – it wasn’t just for climatetech companies.

Truth is, the Vancouver tech ecosystem is a complex community – a seesaw that’s constantly tipping one way and then the other. And while our homepage lists the most popular stories of the year, they’re not always the ones that mattered most.

We’ve picked one article from each month that we think captures the spirit of the local tech community at that time. Read on to check out our year in review.


Sam Gharegozlou's unlikely and inevitable journey into politics starts now. The Dapper Labs co-founder teases a future in politics, but one could argue it’s already started.


Why BBTV’s stock spiral doesn’t tell the whole story. Founder Shahrzad Rafati walks us through why she’s confident despite a steady decline on the TSX.


LayerZero Labs raises $135 million, and is valued at $1 billion. The blockchain technology business is Vancouver’s latest unicorn.


Thinkific CEO Greg Smith reflects on layoffs and the year ahead in BC Tech call. The edtech exec spoke honestly about the challenges and triumphs during COVID and beyond.


📷 Snapshots: The faces of NFT BC. The digital arts community came out in force to the flagship event, and we were there to capture it.


New consortium aims to spark B.C.’s low-carbon hydrogen economy. The group will support provincial efforts to establish Metro Vancouver a hydrogen hub.


Curtis Wong and Trendi want you to stop wasting so much food. At times Amazing Race and at times romantic comedy, staff writer James Matthews spent a week with Trendi’s partnership director at the Swiss Tech Experience.


How NFTs are transforming Indigenous economics. The 400 Drums project doesn’t just offer a marketplace for Indigenous creators, but beats a path to a new way of self-governance.


Panache Ventures announces a $100 million Fund II to double down on early-stage founders. The firm has already made a dozen investments from the new fund in areas as diverse as blockchain, digital coaching, and artificial intelligence.


Microsoft President Brad Smith is leading the vision of a connected Cascadia. Smith believes that by focusing on climate and clean energy, the Pacific Northwest can become an economic megaregion. Political leaders of B.C., Washington, and Oregon agree.


Is Vancouver ready for a million more people? Local leaders explore the role that technology can play in ensuring equitable and sustainable growth across the region.


New B.C. minister reveals her vision for the tech sector. Brenda Bailey believes her background as a tech exec and business leader will help her weather the challenges of a tough portfolio.


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