AI startup Zeeno raises $840K

The startup, founded by a trio of fresh UBC grads, received the cash from San Francisco-based VC community Neo.

Zeeno, a local AI startup, has raised $840,000 from San Francisco-based VC community Neo. The company will also participate in Neo’s new AI-focused accelerator, which will see it directly supported and mentored by OpenAI and learn from an international crop of entrepreneurs. The news comes less than a week after Zeeno’s public launch. AI has entered the chat: Co-founded by fresh UBC graduates Enrique Moran, Callum Woznow, and Sophie Berger, Zeeno was created to bring a better experience for interacting with AI language models on your phone. Despite the youth of that co-founding trio, the team already has experience working with the likes of LinkedIn, Google, and Microsoft.

Zeeno’s iPhone keyboard extension turns any textbox into ChatGPT — allowing users to ask detailed questions about the musings in their notes app, for example. Zeeno offers free access to ChatGPT and GPT4 through its keyboard on the App Store. The team plans to roll out integrations with calendars, knowledge bases, payments, and more starting this summer.

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Chatting about AI: “ChatGPT and other AI tools have changed the productivity game for everyone, but using them on mobile results in a very fragmented experience,” Woznow pointed out. “Your keyboard is the only constant among all of your apps. So, we see a big opportunity here.”

“It used to be that only large companies had access to cutting-edge tech,” Moran reflected. “We are excited to bring delightful tools to millions of small businesses and individuals who have been underserved for so long.”

“We love backing exceptional technical founders and are delighted to support Enrique, Callum, and Sophie,” said Neo CEO Ali Partovi. “I think their product vision is genius and I can’t wait to use it myself.”

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