An unfathomable leap forward in computing

Discover how and why Vancouver is at the forefront of quantum computing technology.

Here’s a thing that not many people know about Vancouver: it’s one of the world’s centres for quantum computing.

The city is the home of pioneer D-Wave, which created the first commercially available quantum computer. Vancouver also houses 1QBit, a leader in general-purpose algorithms for quantum computing hardware, which has hefty funding record. Add to that businesses like Abaqus and Good Chemistry Company, Fujitsu’s quantum centre, and hubs at UBC, SFU, and others, and it starts to become apparent why the federal government is sinking tens of millions of dollars into a national quantum strategy.

Why should you pay attention? The tech has the potential to transform how we develop and design everything from life-saving drugs to next-generation batteries, and create an unfathomable leap forward in computing.

If, that is, we can get it to work.

Find out how and why Vancouver is at the centre of the futuristic tech.

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