5 ways your organization will benefit from connecting with BCIT Computing

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Most of us have hired or worked with a BCIT grad. But BCIT Computing seeks to support organizations far beyond just graduating (a lot of!) job-ready talent.

Here are some of the ways your organization might benefit from connecting to BCIT Computing:

1. Industry-focused courses to support in-demand jobs

Like recent new offerings in MS Power BI, or specific courses created to address a niche like AWS Academy Cloud Architecting for experienced software developers, BCIT Computing seeks to address emerging needs.

“We work with industry to keep our courses and programs relevant and to meet market demand for IT job skills,” explains Kevin Cudihee, Program Head of BCIT Computing Flexible Learning.

2. Flexible Learning: Upskill at your own pace

Whether they’re tech sector professionals keen to acquire new skills like Stuart Budd, foreign-trained and starting again in Canada like Lluvia Meneses or Hans Hwang, or new to the sector just trying to get started like Christian Fenn, BCIT Computing Flexible Learning has a range of suitable offerings, both in person and online, nights and weekends.

3. Students to work on your projects

As the largest provider of Computing and IT diploma grads in BC, BCIT has a lot of students who are keen to apply their skills to support organizations in solving business-critical challenges. In Computing, applied learning includes working on a project for a real client. The Industry Sponsored Student Project (ISSP) Program sees senior students work on IT or software development projects directly for industry. Submit your project for the January term before December 1.

4. Reducing barriers to careers in tech

From offering someone’s first course in IT, to low-barrier introductions to topics like Low-Code Mobile App Development, to events and activities designed to support girls in tech, to improving pathways for Indigenous students, the BCIT Computing team works to diversify and strengthen our tech sector.

5. Early access to talent

Through part-time teaching opportunities on nights or weekends, tech professionals can share their industry insights and skills. As an instructor, you’re not only propelling the industry forward with your expertise, but you’re also on the lookout for potential talent that would be a fit for your organization.

Being an instructor is a rewarding experience and opens the door to shaping the next generation of skilled tech professionals.

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