🏙️ $1.1 billion for Squamish company

Yes, that says billion. Plus, find out which tech investment bank just opened its first office in Vancouver.

Last week I teased that Vancouver Tech Journal had a big announcement for a special guest we’re excited to bring to town, and…

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In the meantime, we’ve got a slate of big news you’ve missed, including which international tech investment bank has just opened a Vancouver office, and where the Generator startup tech hub has moved to next.

Now onto today’s briefing. It’s 1,105 words: a four-minute read.

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We caught up with the Vancouver-based executive to discuss why the deal matters, and what comes next.

The plan, a vision for transforming Canada's electricity sector, was unveiled in Vancouver and featured discussions with local cleantech companies.

The Vancouver-based startup lets users train a robot to scrape any website in two minutes — with no code.

It’s a hot space for investment, and a complicated one, too. We spoke to a number of local funders to help demystify the industry. Members-only article.

Plus, two anchor companies released their Q2 financials, and nine other stories you may have missed. Read our top member briefing from last week. Members-only.

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