How Vancouver tech is supporting the City of Nanaimo

Both Clariti and UrbanLogiq have taken their talents across the Straight of Georgia to build software solutions for Vancouver Island’s second-largest city.

Photo credit: Clariti

Anyone who has had to deal with the building permit process knows how headache-inducing it can be. But, people in Nanaimo won’t need to reach for the Aspirin as briskly thanks to local tech. The city has selected the Community Development Software developed by Vancouver-based Clariti to replace its current system. Implementation of the new platform is underway, led by Clariti’s partner Avocette Technologies.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Nanaimo to provide an easy-to-use system that will help the city meet its performance targets and development goals,” said Cyrus Symoom, Clariti's co-CEO.

Currently, the city relies on a 20-year-old land management system that Clariti’s centralized community development platform will replace, enabling a fully online experience for customers and staff. It couldn’t come at a more opportune time. Nanaimo documented its second-busiest year on record for development activity in 2022, with total building permit values surpassing $410 million.

It’s also not the first time that tech from across the Straight of Georgia has been tapped into the city of Nanaimo. UrbanLogiq, a software company that arms its clients with ultra-specific data to help them make decisions on things like traffic or economic development, linked up with the region earlier this year. Read the company’s case study: UrbanLogiq cleaned, centralized, and visualized years of Nanaimo’s crash and traffic data including road segment traffic volumes, intersection counts, and active transportation volume counts.

“The City of Nanaimo, a growing community on Vancouver Island with [more than] 90,000 people, has adopted the UrbanLogiq data platform,” Herman Chandi, the company’s co-founder wrote on LinkedIn. “Backed by a forward-thinking team in the City, we look forward to growing our solution with them. UrbanLogiq works with communities of all shapes and sizes.”

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