Exclusive: Cologix brings AWS Outposts to its Vancouver data centres

With hybrid work here to stay, the company is ramping up its offerings.

Cologix, a leading network-neutral interconnection and hyper-scale edge data center company with a robust presence in Vancouver, announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts is coming to its local data centers.

Start the car: You can think of the international movement of data that Cologix promotes as a worldwide superhighway. Freeway interchanges serve the same purpose as data center internet exchanges. Cars are data packets with highway tarmac replaced by fiber pathways. Looking to the skies, airplanes represent cellular data transmissions.

According to the company, Vancouver is a world-leading data networking hub with terrestrial, wireless, and subsea connectivity. This city has become an international gateway that connects Vancouver-based companies and consumers cross-country. Additionally, it’s a key driver of connectivity between the U.S. and Canada, and across the Pacific to Asia.

Accelerate onto the highway: AWS Outposts is a family of fully-managed solutions delivering AWS infrastructure and services to virtually any premises or location. This allows for a truly consistent hybrid experience, a way of working that’s preferred by local companies.

The AWS servers located in Cologix data centers support its customers’ hybrid cloud strategy without having to rewrite or re-architect their applications. Developers can use the same APIs and services that are in the cloud to develop applications on site.

According to Cologix, AWS Outposts is ideal for workloads that require low latency access to on-premises systems, local data processing, local data storage, and connect to a broad range of services available in the local AWS Region.

Drive to the city limits: As Vancouver’s leading co-location provider, Cologix provides connectivity to more than 20 unique networks and direct access to the primary node for the Vancouver Internet Exchange, hosted in Cologix’s VAN1 digital edge data center.

Customers now can deploy AWS Outposts at Cologix’s VAN3 digital edge data center, a 42,000-square-foot facility and the region’s largest neutral data center. Cologix also provides customers secure access to AWS Direct Connect at its VAN2 digital edge data center. The company says this is an ideal location to connect, given the density of interconnection options and enterprise-grade infrastructure.

AWS Outposts customers in Cologix’s Vancouver data centers can connect to AWS cloud services through AWS Direct Connect cloud onramps via Cologix Access Marketplace.

Read the road signs: “This is a major addition to our offerings in Vancouver to ensure end-to-end connection to AWS services for Cologix customers,” Cologix’s head of product Peg Hallberg said. “We now provide Vancouver’s only co-location and connectivity solution with access to AWS Direct Connect cloud onramps and the ability to deploy to AWS Outposts.”

“Cologix customers can securely connect their AWS Outposts to AWS Regions via Cologix’s hosted AWS onramps with low latency, high availability, and cloud-adjacent private connectivity,” Hallberg continued. “These connections provide companies local access to local workloads previously only available in the cloud. AWS Outposts customers can be assured that their data is kept secure in a Cologix facility. This capability to use AWS cloud services inside Cologix’s Vancouver data centers is a reflection of our commitment to give our customers the best options available to grow their businesses at the digital edge.”

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