🏙️ How to grow your business in a shrinking market

Discover how local companies beat a sector downslide by transforming their business practices or products.

Everything’s great when you’re part of a growing market. You’re riding the hype cycle, investment is flowing, and customers see your product as essential. But what happens when that sector starts shrinking?

Here are three stories of companies who made a business-saving pivot — and those who had the foresight to try something never seen before — when their industry faced a downslide.

Who knows: their decisions might just spark some ideas of how to weather today’s less-than-ideal business setting.

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2023 Tech Sector Salary Survey Now Available

TAP Network has just released the 2023 Tech Sector Salary and Total Rewards Survey. With data on 30,000 incumbents across 234 jobs, supplied by 204 technology companies, the survey is focused entirely on the Canadian tech sector, reporting on local and national salaries, total compensation, detailed policy data, and more.

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