🏙️ It's not all doom and gloom, right?

So much can change over three weeks in the Vancouver tech community.

If you’re wondering why you’ve been seeing our fantastic founder William Johnson in your inbox since the New Year, it’s because I’ve been on a boat in Antarctica. (Yes, seriously.) As well as being an indescribably beautiful location, it’s also the last remaining black-spot on the globe for the internet. Needless to say, I’ve been entirely in the dark about Vancouver tech for three weeks. And what a landscape to come back to.

On Wednesday, Hootsuite announced that it has laid off 70 employees: the third deep cut the social media giant has undertaken in five months. I learned about those personnel losses the same day I heard about the Thinkific layoffs from the week before, when the company let 76 employees go. Vancouver Tech Journal has tracked that between just August and November last year, more than 900 Vancouver-based tech workers lost their jobs at the city’s major companies. Let’s hope we don’t see the same pattern repeat over the next few weeks.

But it’s not all bad news. Read on to discover which companies — and industries — are scooping more funding, which businesses are hiring, and why we should be optimistic about Vancouver’s energy future. Today’s briefing is 1,056 words: a four-minute read.

-Kate, @KateWilsonSays

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🤝 Funding and deals

  • Switchboard PR, the Vancouver-based tech-focused PR firm, was acquired by national public affairs agency Earnscliffe Strategies. Start reading »

  • WELL Health Technologies, ORX Surgical, and SFU are partnering to turn healthcare data into actionable insights through a Digital Technology Supercluster project called “health compass.” Learn more »

  • Innovate BC and NRC IRAP are providing a combined total of $2 million in research and development funding to help 14 companies pilot their technologies. Get the details »

  • Sustainable Development Technology Canada announced its list of successful Seed Fund recipients from fall 2022, including Vancouver-based UVX. Learn more »

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🗞️ In other news

  • A couple ‘minted’ their wedding vows, marriage license and key photographs from the occasion as nonfungible tokens on the Flow blockchain, writes Robbie Spencer. The New York Times »

  • See the 13-page slide deck that landed food and wellness venture Blume an oversubscribed funding round of USD $1.8 million in five weeks. Business Insider »

  • Payments platform Lynk has added a new product, Pay by Bank, to its portfolio, which lets businesses reduce their credit card processing fees. Pymnts »

  • Langley-based developer Mackenzie Bowes has been showcasing his AI startup GPTBoss, which gives non-technical SMEs access to GPT3 avatars and generators. GPTBoss on TikTok »

  • Oscar-winning VFX studio DNEG hired Adriano Rinaldi to be its new Vancouver general manager. BIV »

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💡 Ideas and insights

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  • Scott Dickens, director of business development at Form and two-time Olympian, speaks to Global News about how to reach your fitness goals this new year.

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