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Part of what I find fascinating about AI is the point at which humans choose to intervene: which parts along the pipeline of work would we rather have completed by software before we take on the task ourselves? In agriculture, I’ve learned that AI can allow farmers to sleep soundly through the night rather than get up every few hours to check on their cattle — the software only sounds the alarm when it’s absolutely necessary. Or in fisheries monitoring, months’ worth of counting fish through video footage can be accomplished by AI, while a human completes the other parts of the job.

Most recently, I spoke with the folks at CoPilot AI, who are working on developing AI to support outreach efforts. We’ve all been there — massive email campaigns or swaths of LinkedIn cold messages, just to get to land a call with someone of interest.

We know many of you are chasing after conversations and clients too. That’s why we’re giving away a 3 month user trial to CoPilot AI, valued at over $1000. Whether you’re looking for a job or want to secure new clients, this is the giveaway for you. CoPilot AI lands you in the inbox of folks of interest — but then it’s up to you to close the deal.

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Redefining the Future of AI at the Groundbreaking Vancouver Conference

Witness AI's transformation at the upcoming Multiplatform AI Conference, where innovation, creativity, and ethics take center stage with distinguished lineup of speakers:

Max Sills, General Counsel - Midjourney; Diya Wynn, Sr Practice Manager, Responsible AI, Emerging Technologies, and Intelligent Platforms Amazon; Janet Bannister, Founder and Managing Partner - Staircase Ventures, Founder - Kijiji, Board Member - Vector Institute, Communitech, Canvass Analytics, Clutch; Matthew Cunningham, Founder - Cunningham Concept Design; and Melissa Lee, President - Massive Black.

- Hear from the world's leading Generative AI team

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This week: Shift 

Shift is a productivity platform that helps customers streamline and optimize their workflow, in one beautiful place. On a mission to bring focus and convenience to the work day, Shift makes managing multiple apps and accounts – without logging in and out or opening up a browser – simple and intuitive.

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