Member Spotlight: John Zurowski

From leading sales at the likes of Xerox and Salesforce, Zurowski shares why he ventured out on his own to focus on supporting SMBs

Welcome to Vancouver Tech Journal’s Member Spotlight, a place where we can learn more about our community members, share their unique stories and specialities, what they can offer other members, and the kind of connections they’re looking for.

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to John Zurowski, widely known as JZ in the community and the founder of JZ Sales Consulting

After leading sales for high-growth companies like Salesforce and Xerox for over 18 years, Zurowski decided to venture out on his own. His goal then and now being offering clients a tailored approach to building the best sales processes to meet the complexities of their industry, culture, teams, and products and services.

To date, Zurowski has worked with various Fortune 500 and Deloitte 'fast-growing’ companies and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). Some highlights include delivering cumulative sales of over $100 million and hiring and coaching over 100 sales reps throughout his career.

Currently, Zurowski is focused on helping SMBs, as few have the opportunity to tap into tenured sales leadership or have the resources to hire one full-time — especially as the cost has dramatically increased over the past few years.

Where are you from?

Vancouver, B.C.

What’s your job? 

I’m a fractional VP of sales/head of sales.

Tell us what you do. 

I work with SMBs looking to build their sales function to accelerate growth. This can include:

  • GTM strategy

  • Sales playbook

  • Sales processes

  • CRM implementation

  • Hiring

  • Coaching sales reps

  • Driving results

  • Forecasting processes

  • Prospecting strategy and;

  • Engaging with opportunities to drive sales

In addition, my company also provides Salesforce CRM implementation work, as many are looking to build out their CRM the proper way when starting.

How long have you been a part of the Vancouver tech ecosystem? 

I’ve been a part of Vancouver’s tech ecosystem for 20 years.

What can you help others with? 

I can help others who need fractional sales leadership to fill a need before they are ready to hire a full-time leader. I allow companies to tap into tenured leadership that can help build the sales function into a high-performing part of the company. 

What do you need? 

Introductions to any connections that might be a good fit for fractional sales leadership. In essence, a part-time sales leader before they’re in a position to hire full-time. There’s still a lot of education needed to raise awareness of how this leadership model is helping companies accelerate growth in the early stages. 

I’m also looking to connect with any clients who might need Salesforce implementation or advisory services. We have over 23 Salesforce certifications and a talented Salesforce architect who can help with small projects.  

Why are you a VTJ member? 

I'm a VTJ member for networking and to help connect others with anybody in my network who can help. I’ve always focused my career on building and expanding my network and providing support when people need it. 

Who’s your dream #VTJLive speaker? 

Local businessman Jimmy Pattison. He’s a legend in Vancouver, and I’ve always appreciated what he’s accomplished in the community. 

How can people connect with you? 

LinkedIn is the best, or through my website using the ‘Book Now’ option.


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