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Our first thoughts on Collision conference, plus meet the top 25 startups picked by New Ventures BC. This is your Sunday Briefing.

Collision Conference, known as the “Olympics of tech” with more than 40,000 attendees, wrapped on Thursday in Toronto. And what a week. Vancouverites turned up in force for the event — more than 700 West Coasters made it out to the B.C. Future of Innovation Party — and a big roster of locals (including yours truly) spoke across a slate of packed out stages. A fistful of Vancouverites held it down on the main stage, including VTJ’s William Johnson, the Cofounders Hub’s Tanis Jorge, Frontier Collective’s Kassandra Linklater, and conference MC Casey Lau, each representing the city’s importance in an international arena.

Honestly, I haven’t quite recovered yet (did anyone else get manage to get to bed before 2:00 a.m. every night?) But watch this space for our official thoughts on the event when our writers have finally slept.

Now onto today’s briefing. It’s 1,156 words: a four-minute read.

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From wastewater treatment and period care to aircraft bookings and smart strollers, it’s a stunning selection of startups.

Organizations including Vancouver’s entrepreneurship@UBC, SFU VentureLab, and New Ventures BC have formed an alliance to scale up local companies.

We’re officially halfway through the year. Here are the 10 headlines you've missed that you need to know.

The company, which is now the 2023 Microsoft Financial Services Global Partner of the Year, is the first Canadian outfit to be given the accolade.

One Vancouver-based outfit made the squad in Google’s new class of cloud-native startups in the U.S. and Canada. Read our top members’ briefing now. Members only.

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