Golden age of deep tech

Discover which startup is building the world's 'most useful AI platform'

👋 Good morning, and welcome to (or welcome back to) VTJ’s Sunday Briefing: your weekly digest of the city’s innovation news, deals, insights, and more.

Allen Lau, founder of Two Small Fish Ventures, recently made the case that technological depth is not just a competitive advantage, but also a fundamental pillar for building successful companies that have the potential to redefine our world.

We know very well that Vancouver is home to many of these startups, some of which are keeping a low profile as they’re in stealth mode. One startup with roots to Vancouver — backed by investors at Y Combinator, Palantir, Notion, AI Grant, OpenAI, and Anthropic — took the time to give us the backstory of building an AI data analyst tool, how it acquired over 600K users, and why it’s on its way to becoming the world’s “most useful AI platform.”

Read on for the full story along with more inside news. Today’s briefing is 1,192 words and a four-minute read.


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