More funding and deals on the upswing

Plus, we've got our own exciting announcement to share

👋 Good morning, and welcome to (or welcome back to) VTJ’s Sunday Briefing: your weekly digest of the city’s innovation news, deals, insights, and more.

Along with sharing plenty of must-know announcements from the startups building and innovating in Vancouver, we’re excited to share our very own: we officially welcomed our newest team member and account executive, Nicole Hsueh!

Nicole has been working in the local tech scene for over four years. From account management to career advising and business development, working with people is her jam. Outside of work, her go-to is a mix between watching reality TV and Sunday football, going to workout classes, and hanging out with her goofy Goldendoodle, Patrick.

Be sure to look out for Nicole at our coffee meetup on Tuesday at FUNK!

Now onto today’s briefing. It’s 1,104 words: a four-minute read.


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