TELUS investing $129 million in Vancouver through 2027

The local telecommunications giant is all-in on Vancouver, putting money into everything from cellular infrastructure to sponsoring the Whitecaps.

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While a 1999 merger saw the end of the BC Tel moniker, TELUS is all in on B.C. and — in particular — Vancouver. This week, the locally based telecomms giant reaffirmed its stance with an announced $129 million for the city in the next half-decade. The investment is part of its $18.5 billion investment in infrastructure, operations, and spectrum province-wide through 2027, but the $129 million is the largest sum dolled out to any B.C. city.

"Today's announcement from TELUS is a strong vote of confidence in Vancouver's future," said Mayor Ken Sim. "This significant investment in our digital infrastructure will help elevate Vancouver's position as a leading hub for technology and innovation while enhancing connectivity for businesses and residents alike. We applaud TELUS for their continued commitment to Vancouver."

The investment will help TELUS roll out PureFibre X 3.0 gigabit internet, offering the fastest upload and download speeds in internet technology for customers in Vancouver. On the go, customers with a compatible 5G device, on a 5G+ plan in a 3500MHz spectrum area, will experience 50 percent faster average data speeds and increased capacity. The company says this investment is critical to providing Canadians with access to superior technology, connecting customers to the people, resources, and information that make their lives better and their jobs more efficient — plus, it’s a culmination of its work since the turn of the century.

“This builds on the more-than $59 billion TELUS has invested in network infrastructure, operations, and spectrum across British Columbia since 2000,” said Darren Entwistle, president and CEO of TELUS. “Our globally recognized networks are the backbone of our digital economy and societies, driving innovation and uplifting marginalized communities. This investment will help ensure that British Columbians can stay connected to what matters most, including healthcare, safe and healthy food, online education, friends and family, and the flexibility to work remotely, all with the accompanying environmental benefits.”These values are shared amongst other local endeavours by the company. TELUS Health’s mobile clinics are supporting healing in the Downtown Eastside, for example: an innovative approach to leveraging technology in healthcare that has been expanded globally since its acquisition of LifeWorks. The TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good has also been active in local innovation challenges, linking up with Vancouver’s Spring Activator for both the Women-led Impact Investor Challenge and the Health Impact Investor Challenge.

But, the company says its reach extends even wider than that. Also since 2000, TELUS team members and retirees have provided $120 million in cash, in-kind contributions, time, and program offerings. They have also volunteered 1.1 million hours to charities and community organizations located in Vancouver. The company notes it also provides cultural investments in the city. Noteworthy examples are the company’s premier partnership with the Vancouver Whitecaps, and TELUS Storyhive, a platform that supports emerging underrepresented content creators. The programs offer production funding, training, mentorship and distribution to more than one million viewers on Optik TV — and now, perhaps, countless more, thanks to this latest investment.

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