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At every Vancouver publication I’ve worked at, the top article — without fail — has been about … snow. Every. Single. Year. Vancouverites love reading about snow. They love the “annual meeting of the summer tires club”. They love ice bombs falling off the Port Mann and Alex Fraser bridges. They love the “snow angels” that leave their warm houses with cookies and coffee for those stranded on highways.

But here’s our Vancouver Tech Journal promise to you. We will not be writing those clickbait stories with pictures of Kitsilano side streets, or summarizing your iPhone weather widget, or telling you nothing more than you can glean by looking out the window. Instead, we’ve got the good stuff. The stuff of substance. The stuff that doesn’t melt as soon as you read it.

This week, read about whether Vancouver is ready for a million more people and what the city has to do to get there. Plus, discover the winners of three big B.C. and Canada-based contests for companies, and learn why you’re now seeing a whole bunch of Rivian vehicles on Vancouver streets.

Onwards, to today’s briefing! It’s 1,196 words: a four-minute read.

-Kate, @KateWilsonSays

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Is Vancouver ready for a million more people?

Local leaders explore the role that technology can play in ensuring equitable and sustainable growth across the region at the CityAge: Vancouver conference. Start reading »

Rivian Automotive begins vehicle deliveries in British Columbia

The company’s flagship all-electric pickup and SUV vehicles will be united with buyers through the end of 2022, and ramp further in 2023. Start reading »

Boast reveals the winners of its pitch competition for Canada’s most innovative startup

Vancouver companies took home two of the three top prizes, which totalled more than $250,000. Start reading »

Spring’s investor challenges have dished out $170K over the last week

Meet the winners from a trio of impact-based competitions. Start reading »

Foresight announces Canada’s 50 most investable cleantech companies

Nearly one-third of the companies are based in Metro Vancouver, and are building solutions to help adapt to or mitigate climate change. Start reading »

Member exclusive: Meet the former Red Bull and Spotify marketer who was pulled into Vancouver Web3

Ryan Lassi always wanted to do cool shit. It’s happening with Looking Glass Labs’ House of Kibaa. Start reading (members only) »

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🤝 Funding and deals

  • Produce8, a Vancouver-based SaaS company for remote-first teams, raised $6 million in seed funding. Read in Vancouver Tech Journal »

  • Sanctuary AI received a $30 million Strategic Innovation Fund Contribution from the Canadian Government. Learn more »

  • Active Replica has been acquired by Mozilla. The Vancouver metaverse company builds virtual spaces and events to facilitate community online. Learn more »

  • entrepreneurship@UBC alumn IRLY landed $475,000 in pre-seed capital. Learn more »

  • RESAAS, a Vancouver-based real estate technology company, expanded an existing partnership to now include all U.S.-based RE/MAX agents. Learn more »

  • UBC has received over $5 million from the federal government for a project to provide insights on the impact of COVID-19 on travel behaviour in the Metro Vancouver region and beyond. Learn more »

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🗞️ In other news

  • Office vacancies are on the rise in Vancouver, hitting a two-decade high at 11.5 percent at the end of September, according to Altus. Globe and Mail »

  • The City of Vancouver is seeking zero-waste innovators to pilot their solutions at the Zero Waste Demonstration Site. Successful ventures will have the opportunity to showcase their solution to key stakeholders, which could potentially lead to an agreement with the City. Learn more »

  • The B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy is looking to support net-zero technology innovators with non-dilutive grant funding with its 2023 Open Call for Innovation. Learn more »

  • Vancouver Entrepreneurs’ Forum is offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on individual memberships. Learn more »

  • X44 Vida Carbon Racing has won its maiden championship title. The team is headed by F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, and was recently renamed upon entering a partnership with Vancouver-based Vida Carbon earlier this year. Learn more »

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Switchboard’s founder Kathleen Reid asks VC experts Panache Ventures’ Chris Neumann and LOI Venture’s Ryan Holmes to share the key elements of a successful pitch. Start reading »

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