Three reasons to work with BCIT Computing students

Partner message from BCIT.

At BCIT Computing, applied learning includes solving business challenges for a real client. The Industry Sponsored Student Projects (ISSP) Program sees senior students work on IT or software development projects directly for industry.

ISSP is an essential educational component of mutual benefit to both sponsors and students. Here’s why you should be interested.

1) ISSP requires low investment

If you have a project that needs a push to get it jumpstarted or finished, ISSP is a low-cost way to go, and it’s free for non-profits. You’ll have a team of four to seven students, and they’ll work about 400 hours on your challenge. Once the term is underway, you’ll meet with the students remotely once per week, generally for about an hour.

We offer ISSP three times a year. Submit your project for the January term before December 1 to start working with our driven and skilled students.

2) ISSP is valuable for start-ups

Nichola Lytle is based out of Nelson. As well as owning a successful design company, she’s also leading two tech start-ups. For both of them, she relied heavily on ISSP.

In Nichola’s words: “To get an idea off the ground, you need to be able to test it out, prototype it, and then use it as a way to raise money. Students have such great ideas, and they’re willing to take risks. They also have the most up-to-date skillset when it comes to technology and trends, so it’s a valuable resource and a great opportunity.”

3) ISSP is a recruitment tool

Apart from the possibility of getting a viable computing solution, it also allows you to tap into talent.

One of our former students and now frequent sponsor, Diego Felix, explains why: “The company has tripled in size, so hiring people is an essential part. I know how hard it is to find employees, and the recruitment process is expensive.”

“And that’s where the ISSP comes into play for us. It’s a valuable tool because it gives you an opportunity to work with students and discover their potential at an early stage. And I was surprised how little effort the ISSP required from me.”


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