Three Vancouver AI startups that raised capital in 2023

And how to separate what's real in AI from all the hype.

Generative AI, natural language processing, and neural networks – artificial intelligence in all its forms is a topic of conversation in classrooms, boardrooms, and even newsrooms. But are organizations actually deriving value from this technology? How can we separate hype from reality?

Those are questions we’ll be answering at next week’s #vtjtalks event featuring speakers from Microsoft, TTT Studios, and Variational AI. Not yet registered? There are ten spots left. Save yours here.

In advance, we’re taking a look at three local startups that raised capital on the backs of their creative uses of AI, covering everything from fighting wildfires, accelerating business loan processes, and smart keyboards. What innovative uses of AI technology of you recently seen? Respond and let us know, or tell us in person next week.

A cost-effective approach to building an engineering team

DevEngine merges North American innovation with Latin American tech talent to create top-notch software and data engineering teams, or to source individual contributors. The company's standout trait lies in its concierge-style approach when building relationships with its partners. This guarantees the highest success and retention rate in the industry along with up to 35 to 40 percent cost savings of engineering budget for their clients.

DevEngine's network of engineers is spread across Latin America, with its HQ in Vancouver, known for its vibrant tech community and entrepreneurial spirit. This combination not only enables them to forge enduring client relationships but also strategically supports clients’ innovative ideas without straining their finances.

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