Uber will be a zero-emission platform by 2040

Partner message from Uber.

Millions of rides a day. Zero emissions. That’s our commitment to every single person on the planet.

Progress towards a fully electric platform is achieved when we partner across the ecosystem to support drivers to go electric.

Plug’n Drive is providing informative webinars and hosting test drive opportunities for drivers on the Uber platform to learn about the benefits and the cost of owning an EV. Wallbox and FLO are offering discounts on home charging solutions. General Motors is giving discounts to drivers on the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Hertz is making it easier for drivers on Uber to rent Teslas on a weekly basis in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. And drivers of fully electric vehicles are eligible for Uber’s Zero Emissions incentive, which lets them earn an extra $1 on every trip with Uber up to $4,000.

These monumental changes won’t come easy. Or fast. But progress towards a fully electric platform can be achieved when we partner across the ecosystem. And we need you to come along for the ride.

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