Vancouver tech layoffs, talent, and hiring companies

This is a regularly updated list of Vancouver tech ecosystem layoffs, talent ready to be scooped up, and companies that are looking to hire.

As the innovation economy comes under pressure, a number of local tech companies have been forced to lay off employees. Here weโ€™re sharing details on who has let go of staff, how to reach newly-available tech talent, and which companies are still hiring.

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Major Vancouver tech layoffs

Thinkific (100 employees. March 29, 2022.)

Legible (23 employees. April 5, 2022.)

Shopify (1,000 employees. July 26, 2022.)

Unbounce (47 employees. August 3, 2022.)

Article (216 employees. August 4, 2022.)

Hootsuite (400+ employees. August 9, 2022.)

Dooly (12 employees. August 9, 2022.)

Trulioo (24 employees. September 23, 2022.)

VanHack (27 employees. October 12, 2022.)

Hootsuite (50 employees. November 1, 2022.)

Dapper Labs (134 employees. November 2, 2022.)

Thinkific (76 employees. January 10, 2023.)

Hootuite (70 employees. January 18, 2023.)

Form (18 employees. February 9, 2023.)

Dapper Labs (94 employees. February 24, 2023.)

Absolute Software (40 employees. April 6, 2023.)

Relic Entertainment (121 employees. May 24, 2023.)

Dapper Labs (51 employees. July 12, 2023.)

Vancouver tech talent for hire

Former VanHack employees

Former Article employees

Former Thinkific employees

Former Unbounce employees

Former Shopify employees

Former Hootsuite employees

Former Dapper Labs employees

Greater Vancouver-based companies hiring both remote and in-person

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Companies based elsewhere, hiring in Vancouver

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