🇺🇦 22 Ukrainian developers hired and counting

Partner message from VanHack: Here’s how you can help hire Ukrainians affected by war.

In February, when the Ukraine crisis was escalating, it was clear action needed to be taken. The wheels were set into motion.

By early March, the VanHack team launched the Ukraine initiative, which included waiving placement fees for Ukrainian tech hires (with the option for the fee to be donated to a verified Ukrainian charity), building out a hub for employers to directly connect and hire Ukrainian tech talent, and rounding out resources for those who wished to lend support in alternative ways.

It was incredible to see the global community band together to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians impacted by the war, left without jobs, and needing to secure income.

The experience demonstrated how much impact can be created by a community that moves fast and works together.

Now, almost half a year later, there’s a lot to share — and work that needs to be done.

To date, VanHack has facilitated the placement of 22 Ukrainian developers and their families to remote or relocation opportunities across Canada to cities including Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Waterloo, and Toronto.

Moved by the goodwill of our employers, partners and VanHackers, it’s stories like Anastasiia’s and the Cetaris team that keep us (and the momentum) going.

👩‍💻 Meet Anastasiia: A UI/UX designer who relocated from Ukraine to Canada

Back in February, Anastasiia, a Ukraine-based UI/UX Designer left the country for neighbouring Poland.

Her initial search for opportunities abroad led her to the Government of Canada’s website for information on immigration aid and job banks. She had also contacted several Canadian companies hiring UX/UI positions.

Along the way, Anastasiia was directed to VanHack. From there, she connected with Cecilia, a talent manager with our team. Cecilia shared Anastasiia’s portfolio, VanHack profile, and LinkedIn profile with Cetaris, a Toronto-based fleet management software company on the search for a junior designer.

The team at Cetaris was impressed by both Anastasiia’s background and portfolio, and expressed eagerness to support Ukrainian nationals.

Their hiring team quickly moved forward. As part of the second step in the process, Anastasiia completed three interviews in one day, meeting with Cetaris’ HR and technical teams. After thoughtful deliberation and review of her assignment, she was made an offer the very next day.

The hiring process was fast, taking a total of three weeks from initial outreach to offer.

The support didn’t just stop there. Throughout the entire hiring and relocation process, her new team would regularly check in on her safety and ensure the process (work permit, additional documentation) ran smoothly so that Anastasiia would be set up for success in her new country and role.

Escaping an invasion and relocating to a new country are extraordinary challenges to live through and overcome. Since landing in late April, her new team has provided flights, accommodations, and support to ensure a smooth transition into her life in Toronto.

🇺🇦 Looking to recruit and hire Ukrainian tech talent?

The situation is ongoing. VanHack is continuing its support in helping Ukrainian tech talent connect with employers and opportunities abroad.

For employers looking to hire Ukrainian tech talent, placement fees are waived, with the option to donate fees in lieu. Head over to the VanHack Ukraine Talent Hub to find out more about how you can support and recruit Ukrainian tech talent.

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