Come hang with us twice on Tuesday

So much for the “rare” Vancouver Tech Doubleheader ™.

I lied to you last week. It wasn’t a bad lie or even a white lie. Just a lazy one: I neglected to look a mere seven days ahead in our calendar and note that the Vancouver Tech Doubleheader I trademarked isn’t so rare after all. It’s actually happening again, like, quite soon. Hopefully you forgive me and I get to see you twice on Tuesday.

⌛ Tuesday, November 8: The Vancouver Tech Morning Coffee tour continues at ECOMsquare near Kitsilano

As usual, you’re invited to join us every Tuesday between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. to connect with the Vancouver tech community in a casual environment. But now, we’ll be switching venues every week, thanks to a roster of outstanding hosts. Check out a new office, discover a new career, find your next co-founder, or learn something new — all while touring the best spaces in the city.

This week, catch us at ECOMsquare: a co-working space we love in the heart of Kits.

Then later that night…

⌛ #vtjtalks: Ecommerce Business Growth & Vancouver’s D2C Ecosystem | Nov 8

🚨 From the Home Key: Founder Drinks and VC Insights with Golden Ventures' Jamie Rosenblatt | Nov 23

  • Join The Home Key this month to get insights – rooted in personal experience – on the changing venture capital landscape in Canada from a top investor at a premier early-stage investing firm.

  • Speaker: This month's fireside keynote is with Jamie Rosenblatt, a partner at Golden Ventures.

  • At Golden Ventures, Jamie works closely with founders, entrepreneurs, accelerators, and the broader startup community, to help find, fund, and build exceptional early-stage companies. Some of his top investments include Float, Shakepay, Composer, Properly, Diversio, Crux OCM, and more.

  • The Home Key event partners include Mind Meld PR, Fort Capital, Floorspace, and Plenish.

🔑 Key to global tech hiring

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🌎 From Vancouver Entrepreneur’s Forum: A Celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week — Going Global | Nov 15

  • Join Vancouver Entrepreneur’s Forum at an event that explores how local companies have scaled up and gone global. Learn from founders and leaders about what considerations you should make when expanding into new markets, including strategic priorities, recruiting and managing remote talent, and growing sales.

  • Speakers include:

  • The first five VTJ readers can get a free ticket to the event. Click the link below, and use the promo code VTJ1122.

🚜 The Future of Farming: A Conversation About AgTech | Nov 16

  • Next month, Vancouver Hardware Meetup is focusing on agtech and answering the questions facing the industry: What’s the largest challenge to creating a sustainable food supply? What technologies hold the most promise for improving the food system resilience and mitigating climate change? What players in the industry should we all be watching more closely?

  • Speakers include:

    • Madison Hope Reid, organizer, Vancouver Hardware Meetup.

    • Tony Jackson, business developer, MistyWest.

    • Vincent Clerc, VP of engineering, Terramera.

    • Roman Kozak, co-founder and CTO, Verdi.

  • Use the code vtj (all lowercase) to get 20 percent off your ticket.

entrepreneurship@UBC Venture Showcase 2022 | Nov 23

  • UBC is home to a thriving community of entrepreneurs creating groundbreaking impact through research and innovation. Meet them at the Venture Showcase!

  • The Venture Showcase features teams across UBC’s pipeline ranging from up-and-coming Ones-to-Watch teams at the outset of their journeys in incubation, Sneak-a-Peek ventures who are in the middle of commercialization, and Ready-to-Raise teams gaining traction at the acceleration stage (mainly HATCH Venture Builder teams).

TiE CXO - Exit stories and lessons learned: What founders need to know | Nov 30

  • Exits matter because that’s when the founders, the team, and the investors get paid. To use a chess metaphor, we hear a lot about the “opening game” (lean startup) and the “mid-game” (growth), but very little about the “end game.” As a result, founders miss opportunities or leave money on the table. TiE is hosting a panel of entrepreneurs with successful exits to talk about lessons learned.

  • Speakers include

    • Maninder Dhaliwal, managing partner of the Startup Studio Accelerator and Venture Fund; founding chair of TiE Vancouver Angels

    • Laurie Schultz, CEO, Galvanize

    • Judi Hess, CEO, Copperleaf

    • Sharad Mohan, founder, Trainerize

    • Ally Bharmal, commercial lawyer, Fasken

Calling all Canadian entrepreneurs!

Do you have what it takes to be named one of Canada’s Most Innovative Startups? If so, Boast invites you to apply for its pitch competition for a chance to win over $250,000 worth of prizes, plus exposure to top investors and top-tier media from Boast AI, Boast Claims, Switchboard, and VanHack!

The top five startups will be invited to attend a pitch clinic and will be pitching (virtually) live on November 23. The pitch application deadline is approaching fast, so hurry and get your application in.

The deadline is Thursday, November 10 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Get more pitch competition details and to apply.

*Partner message

The 'Digital Transformation' Equation: Beyond the Buzzwords | Dec 1

  • Digital transformation has been part of our business lexicon for about a decade now and yet, it remains a buzzword to most people. It's an unfortunate reality because beyond the buzzword lies a great potential to generate value for businesses in both new and existing ways.

  • In this event, we've brought together a high-quality slate of leaders and operators with hands-on experience to help us dive beneath the surface of the buzz.

  • Speakers include:

  • Event Partners include Monstarlab, Low Tide Properties, Redshift Collective, and Skyrocket Digital.


or to participate.