Where you’ll find us next week: Collision conference

Vancouver Tech Journal staff and our partners will be all over Toronto. Here’s who you can meet.

Photo: Collision Conference / LinkedIn.

Dubbed “the Olympics of tech,” Collision is North America’s fastest growing tech conference, bringing together innovators from around the world. Next week in Toronto, attendees will have opportunities to generate leads, network with and learn from peers and mentors, and connect with local, national, and international media.

You know we’ll be there. But with whom?

Check out who you could be meeting at Collision.

Vancouver Tech Journal

Unicorn Hunting 101 | Startup University stage

Thursday, June 29 | 11:25 to 11:45 a.m.

Vancouver Tech Journal managing editor Kate Wilson will be leading a fireside chat with Silvina Moschini, an Argentine entrepreneur, TV star, and the first South American woman to create a unicorn startup. Their conversation will consider how to create a billion-dollar company in an ever-evolving economy.

Who’ll be there:

Frontier Collective

Future of Innovation event | Berkeley Field House (311 Queen St E)

Tuesday, June 27 | 7:00 p.m. till late

The Frontier Collective’s Future of Innovation party will showcase the best of the province. The event will feature food, drinks, and live music, plus a number of demos and activations from B.C. companies, and will be MCed by Vancouver Tech Journal’s Kate Wilson. The gathering aims to offer a forum for new relationships to form between the region’s businesses and Collision’s international audience, as well as provide a place for local companies to connect and break down silos.

Who’ll be there:

Invest Vancouver

Invest Vancouver, the Metro Vancouver regions’ economic development leadership service, is committed to expanding its global reach and attracting strategic investment to the region, with the goal of positioning the region and its residents for success in a rapidly evolving global economy.

The team will be in Toronto to generate investment leads, learn, network, and increase awareness of all that the Metro Vancouver region has to offer for tech companies. They will be showcasing the region's potential for innovation, talent, and its supportive business environment.

Invest Vancouver is looking to connect with companies from across Canada and beyond to explore the exciting opportunities awaiting tech companies in Metro Vancouver.

Who’ll be there:

  • Jacquie Griffiths, president, Invest Vancouver

  • Anita Huberman, president of Surrey Board of Trade and board member of Invest Vancouver

  • Loc Dao, executive director of DigiBC and board member of Invest Vancouver

  • Megan Henwood, investor services consultant, Invest Vancouver

Email Megan to set up a meeting with the Invest Vancouver team.

GetFresh Ventures

GetFresh Ventures is Canada's only venture catalyst, based in Vancouver. They take founders through a bespoke, framework-based approach to build their go-to-market strategy to achieve their crucial first $10M in annual revenue. With a repeatable process in place, a strategy of least-resistance is set to accelerate further growth and valuation multiples in the path to $100M.

Who’ll be there:

Email Brendan to set up a meeting.

Segev LLP

Segev LLP is a full-service business solutions law firm that specializes in working with startups and technology companies of all sizes. Based in Vancouver, the firm has satellite offices in Toronto, Beijing, and St. Louis, and prides itself on providing practical and efficient solutions to their clients’ legal issues.

Segev LLP partner Marius Adomnica will be at Collision all week and is excited about connecting with the local and national tech community.

Who’ll be there:

Email Marius to set up a meeting.

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

As one of BC’s largest post-secondary institutes with five campuses, 300+ programs, and over 45,000 students enrolled each year, BCIT connects education, industry, and government in building an agile workforce with sustained and meaningful impact.

BCIT’s Computing students could even work on your tech projects from afar! The next project submission deadline is August 1.

Who’ll be there:

Connect with James on LinkedIn to set up a meeting.

Switchboard (an Earnscliffe Strategies company)

Switchboard helps innovators and changemakers tell their stories. Tech leaders know their products and services are brilliant, but sometimes need help explaining why they matter and how they will create positive change. Switchboard communicates game-changing PR campaigns to target audiences in a way that’s accessible and exciting.

The Switchboard team is headed to Collision from June 26 to July 1, and are looking forward to meeting you.

Who’ll be there:

And their Earnscliffe Strategies colleagues:

Connect with Kathleen Reid or Leann Yutuc on LinkedIn to set up a meeting.


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