Yacht party a reflection of Calgary’s startup spirit

Fast-growing startup Goodlawyer will gather 550 of the biggest founders, investors, and ecosystem builders for a networking cruise at Toronto's Collision conference.

A partner message from Goodlawyer

Two factors make a city a good place for startups, according to Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator and business thought-leader. First, it must be a place where startups are the cool thing to do. Second, there needs to be chance meetings with people who can help you.

Calgary emphatically ticks both boxes.

Perhaps more than ever, Calgary’s startup spirit is strong. The buzz around the city is palpable, with new records seemingly set every quarter around tech sector job creation and investment. The city is home to a supportive startup ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, and investors.

Like the mountain ranges visible from the metropolis’ downtown towers, big things are happening. Perhaps the greatest symbol of Calgary’s startup spirit is the upcoming Yacht Party at Collision conference.

Organized by fast-growing startup Goodlawyer and tech industry organization Alberta IoT, the Alberta at Collision Yacht Party will gather 550 of the biggest founders, investors, and ecosystem builders from across Canada for a networking cruise on Lake Ontario.

The event is the sequel to last year’s yacht party, which included Canada’s Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year, Bobbie Racette, and the mayor of Calgary, Jyoti Gondek.

This year, Goodlawyer, Alberta IoT, and friends are making an even bigger splash and getting the entire province involved in this community-building initiative. With the help of more than two dozen sponsors from across Alberta, this savvy startup has put together the marquee after-hours event at the biggest tech conference in North America. It is a truly grassroots initiative resulting from a shared desire to capitalize on the momentum and self-belief in the province.

“The generosity and teamwork of Alberta’s startup community is evident in the support we’ve received for the Yacht Party. It is a community-wide initiative, and wouldn’t be possible without everyone rowing in the same direction,” says Brett Colvin, co-founder and CEO of Goodlawyer.

Ranked as the world’s third most-livable city by The Economist, Calgary is attracting and retaining talent by providing affordable housing, a supportive business community, and the Rocky Mountains as a close playground.

“We are proud to be building a fast-growing tech company here. It’s so exciting to see how much the tech scene has evolved in just a few years, and the self-belief crystalizing here,” added Colvin.

Calgary exudes optimism and its entrepreneurial spirit has helped it generate prosperity, innovate when times are tough, and enjoy a world-class quality of life. The upcoming Yacht Party will put this “work hard, play hard” mentality on full display. By bringing together bright minds and big ideas bonded with a collaborative spirit, the event will be a microcosm for the city and province as a whole.


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