Cheatsheet: Get to know 10 top Vancouver AI leaders

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Every so often, we ask you what you’d like us to dig into in the Vancouver tech ecosystem. Here’s what our reader Sophie V had to say earlier this month:

“Whenever I am asked the question, ‘If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?’ I always falter. Because most of the people that I know are famous, and apart from knowing why they are famous, I don't really know them at all — much less what we would talk about for three hours. On the other hand, given a list of people in Vancouver I should know, I can go and do my research, and maybe even contact them and maybe even get a response. ”

We asked, and you answered. Here’s our list of 10 important people to know in Vancouver’s AI scene — and maybe even have dinner with one day. (Oh, and you might even get to meet some of them at our members-only AI event in partnership with Microsoft on February 13. Want to join?)

Steve Lowry | Founding executive director, AInBC

Lowry is a polymath. As well as working as a tech lawyer, banker, corporate development practitioner, and multiple startup founder, the Vancouver native is known for his role at the Artificial Intelligence network of British Columbia (AInBC). A leading voice on where the AI and machine learning communities are headed in the next few years, Lowry is a regular on national panels, and featured in the press for his insights into the tech.

James Clift | Founder, Durable

Despite his self-effacing claim that “he’s never had a real job”, Clift is well-known in the ecosystem as a successful founder. As the CEO of VisualCV, he helped individuals build their online resumes and portfolios to facilitate a career move. That company had a successful exit — as did his next venture, Holopod, which sold to Pulse. Now, he’s the founder of Durable, an AI website builder and marketing platform, which can spin up a page for your new business in 30 seconds. 

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