The failure of Canadian policy

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🗓️ Thursday, June 27 | 🎟️ Free registration

  • Connect with local entrepreneurs and investors at Startup TNT’s weekly happy hour events in Vancouver.

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Exploring Canada's Blue Economy

Explore the forefront of marine sciences and sustainable practices with COAST Talks Webinar. Each episode dives deep into Canada’s growing Blue Economy, showcasing ocean conservation and cutting-edge technologies. 

Whether you’re passionate about marine biodiversity, emerging tech, or underwater exploration, COAST Talks provides fascinating content to satisfy your curiosity.

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  • This business event features four floors of music, art, and entertainment across eight rooms, hosting over 1,000 attendees at the Vancouver Club.

  • Internet Masterminds takes over the Georgian Room to provide an exclusive premier lounge for our community. Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with music, casual conversations, and complimentary food sponsored by Nook Coworking.

  • What to expect:

    • Exhibition of some of the most iconic masterpieces of Modern and Contemporary Art by the likes of Kiarash TK, Shwill, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Mr. Brainwash and Andy Warhol

    • Immersive Cocktail Stations designed to pair with each art collection

    • 24 DJs spinning music all night long across five stages of music

    • 1,000+ quality attendees including celebrated creatives, entrepreneurs, and influential professionals in Vancouver

    • Dress Code: Formal gala attire, no jeans, hoodies, puffy jackets, or graphic tees

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🗓️ Wednesday, July 3 | 🎟️ Buy tickets at 50% off for VTJ readers

  • A conversation with Josh O'Kane, a business reporter with The Globe & Mail, Canada's largest national newspaper.

  • In 2017, a Google affiliate called Sidewalk Labs waltzed into Toronto with plans to reimagine urban planning “from the Internet up,” promising a utopia that would begin on 12 acres of brownfield land on Lake Ontario.

  • What happened instead was a two-and-a-half-year battle over the future of cities and their development, data regulation, and the power of the private sector in the public realm.

  • In this session, Josh O’Kane, author of the best-selling book Sideways: The City Google Couldn’t Buy, will unpack how Sidewalk struggled to translate its idealism into reality and the role of Canadian policy in that failure.

  • In a fireside chat, Josh will also reveal why the giants of Silicon Valley see cities as their next major frontier and what this means for the City of Vancouver as it continues to attract new tech investors.


Navigating Fintech's Regulatory Maze with Ease

Fasken understands how the industry is evolving and adapting to change. With a proven track record, FinTech innovators seek our expert guidance. Our team is your partner in navigating the intricate realm of financial services and emerging tech. Explore innovative solutions and embrace the future of FinTech with Fasken. Your success is our mission. 

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  • Trying something new for ECOMsquare’s monthly events. Introducing the new series ECOMsquare Flash Talks - an opportunity to hear and connect with ecommerce leaders in Vancouver. A space to share any insights and resources that could be helpful for other fellow ecommerce founders/owners, service providers, professionals and students interested in this field.

  • The events feature 2-3 industry experts/thought leaders that take the "stage", each armed with 5-10 minutes to share their game-changing strategies, trends, and secrets for ecommerce success. After each talk, you'll have 10 minutes to dive deeper into the topic with the speakers during the Q&A session.


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