How to go from 0 to $100K ARR

Plus, learn about the impact of AI on diverse industries

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🗓️ Thursday, July 11 | 🎟️ Free registration

  • ​Come together with local tech leaders and founders for a night of fun conversations and genuine connection. Leave the pitch deck at home, this is a no-selling event - we're here to foster friendship.

🗓️ Friday, July 12 | 🎟️ Free registration

  • ​​Join an inspiring event bringing together Vancouver's vibrant climatetech ecosystem. Engage with innovative startup founders and seasoned investors as they share their insights and experiences on building and scaling impactful solutions to tackle global climate challenges.

  • Network with like-minded professionals, gain valuable knowledge, and discover how you can contribute to the future of sustainable technology. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the movement driving meaningful change for our planet.


Cleantech Innovators: Accelerate from Anywhere

The race against climate change demands urgent, transformative action, and Canada's cleantech innovators are rising to the challenge. Their cutting-edge solutions have the power to reshape industries and propel Canada's transition to a sustainable, net zero economy. However, breakthrough innovations require strategic guidance and support to navigate the complex path to adoption.

As Canada's largest cleantech innovation and adoption accelerator Foresight provides cleantech-focused programs to help cleantech ventures throughout the business journey from initial ideation to commercialization.

Through the Accelerate from Anywhere ramp, tap into invaluable mentorship, hands-on training, investor connections, and a networking ecosystem to launch and drive sustainable growth for your cleantech innovation. Foresight offers specialized support streams for raising capital, pilot projects, commercialization support, and sector-specific acceleration.

Learn more and apply.

🗓️ Monday, July 15 | 🎟️ Free registration

  • ​​​As part of the PNW Climate Week, join an inspiring in-person event featuring two renowned authors at the forefront of climate change discourse.

  • Akshat Rathi, the author of Climate Capitalism, a book that Bill Gates has called “an important read for anyone in need of optimism about our ability to build a clean energy future,” is an award-winning reporter and the host of Zero, a climate podcast for Bloomberg Green.

  • John Vaillant, a Vancouver-based internationally renowned author, in his bestselling book and Baillie Gifford Prize winner Fire Weather, captures the majesty and horror of disasters in a damning critique of both the oil industry and climate change discourse.

🗓️ Wednesday, July 17 | 🎟️ Registration

  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, the role of data and ethics, and the future landscape of AI-driven industries.

  • Whether you're a business leader, tech enthusiast, or policy maker, this session will provide valuable insights into the dynamic world of AI and its far-reaching implications across different sectors — from education and finance to manufacturing and retail.


Achieve financial freedom with professional wealth management. McAuley Private Wealth at RBC DS is here to support technology entrepreneurs and executives. Please contact us to speak with one of our team members.

🗓️ Wednesday, July 17 | 🎟️ Free registration

  • Trying something new for ECOMsquare’s monthly events. Introducing the new series ECOMsquare Flash Talks - an opportunity to hear and connect with ecommerce leaders in Vancouver. A space to share any insights and resources that could be helpful for fellow ecommerce founders/owners, service providers, professionals and students interested in this field.

  • The events feature 2-3 industry experts/thought leaders that take the "stage", each armed with 5-10 minutes to share their game-changing strategies, trends, and secrets for ecommerce success. After each talk, you'll have 10 minutes to dive deeper into the topic with the speakers during the Q&A session.

🗓️ July 21-28 | 🎟️ Registration

  • The DWebYVR community is organizing a week of events while the IETF is in town. Tech, media, and other explorations of how to create things we can own together.

  • So many of our digital participations are on platforms and software that we don't own, and can't easily affect. The cloud makes us think that everything is far away, and diffuse.

  • But we can build, run, modify, and create software, hardware, art, media, and tech of our own!


Vancouver-based DevEngine connects Canadian innovation with Latin American tech talent to create top-notch software and data engineering teams. Discover how to save up to 35% on your next hire.

🗓️ Wednesday, July 24 | 🎟️ Registration

  • With growth at all costs being dead, achieving a healthy ARR growth rate is more critical than ever.

  • Learn from inspiring founders’ own journeys from going from 0 to $100K ARR and their tips and advice for other startups. Plus, you’ll get to ask your burning questions during the Q&A.

  • Founders include Shawn Hewat at Wavy, ​​Bernie Florido at Cocoflo, and ​Theo Yeung at The Bullpen.


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