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🗓️ Wednesday, April 24 | 🎟️ Free registration

  • ​Dive into a groundbreaking session with Ntirety and Dialpad as they explore "Succeeding in Cybersecurity: Navigating the Modern AI Era." In an era of rapid digital evolution, safeguarding your business is essential.

  • Uncover invaluable insights and must-know strategies to elevate your cybersecurity approach. Secure your spot now for actionable knowledge that promises to transform your business's security posture. Don't miss out on this opportunity to safeguard your business's future!

🗓️ Thursday, April 25 | 🎟️ Free registration

  • This event will bring together a collection of Vancouver tech industry founders and leaders for networking, deal-making, and just plain old catching up.

  • And as usual, your first drink is free, compliments of The High Technology Facilities Group!


Internet provider that loves you back.

You’re more than just a number. You’re their #1 obsession. oxio internet is about service that treats you better. Whether that’s Customer Care that’s 100% in Canada and 100% nice, or a referral program that lets you earn free internet for life, you may wonder why you didn’t switch earlier. 

All this with fixed prices that actually stay the same as long as you stay with them. Locked in and they threw away the key. Enjoy peace of mind with a monthly bill that always stays the same without any of those pesky price hikes. Let’s keep those hikes for the great outdoors.        

🗓️ Tuesday, April 30 | 🎟️ Free registration

  • You’re invited to join us every Tuesday between 8:00 a.m. - 10:00am to connect with the Vancouver tech community in an informal atmosphere.

🗓️ Wednesday, May 1 | 🎟️ Buy tickets

  • Come join us with ~100 AI enthusiasts and builders to see some of the coolest AI apps people are working on in Vancouver.

🗓️ Tuesday, April 30 | 🎟️ Buy tickets

  • Join some of the most effective founders in the city to discuss lessons from CEOs who manage multiple businesses, clients, family, and friends, specific tools and applications to help keep your work and life in order, unconventional processes and workflows to harness daily, the role of mindfulness practices (and energy management) in enhancing productivity, strategies for effective delegation, and considerations when outsourcing tasks, and mental models to help you make better decisions.


Finding the right recruitment partner is hard.

Starboard Recruitment focuses on delivering quality talent to tech startups in Vancouver while providing top of market candidate/client experience.

🗓️ Thursday, June 6 | 🎟️ Buy tickets

  • The annual Tech Talent North (TTN) Conference is built by tech sector culture leaders and innovators and will be back in Vancouver and Toronto in 2024!

  • Co-Founded by TAP Network and Cube Business Media Inc., Tech Talent North helps leading tech firms navigate the most pressing people and culture issues. As a people-leader, culture scaler or HR aficionado, you’re invited to join and learn tactical strategies from Canada’s most innovative CEOs and HR thought-leaders.


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