🏙️ Why business leaders should be more like cockroaches

Last week, we sold out the Vancouver Playhouse with Sahil Bloom and Andrew Wilkinson. Plus, all the local stories you've missed in the last seven days.

People think they know what will make them happier — chasing more money and prestige. In reality, those things make very little difference, said our VTJ Live guest Sahil Bloom on Friday night.

In front of a sell-out crowd at the Vancouver Playhouse, Bloom and Tiny CEO Andrew Wilkinson drilled down into what’s important in entrepreneurship — “taking off the mask”, as they put it, to reveal the reality of what it means to sacrifice for success. And why we should be more like cockroaches.

Amid pitches from Vancouver tech leaders and a lively Q&A from the audience — plus an afterparty that packed out the Ventura room next door — VTJ Live delivered advice, tools, and tips from two business leaders with a combined worth of over $100 million, who have started, acquired, or invested in more than 80 companies.

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Now onto today’s briefing. It’s 955 words: a four-minute read.

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🗞️ VTJ Stories

🤝 Funding and deals:

  • Univerus, a Port Moody-based provider of software solutions, acquired Varasset, a Vancouver-based software solution provider for communications industries. 

  • BDC announced an additional $50-million injection into its Seed Venture Fund, dedicated to supporting emerging Canadian startups with funding.

  • Avivo Biomedical announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic intended to improve the use of donor organs for transplantation.

  • WELL Health's Cybersecurity Business Unit, Cycura, has acquired Seekintoo, a provider of Cybersecurity Operations Center services.

  • Cycura has also acquired Proack, a provider of offensive security assessments, including high quality penetration testing, red teaming, social engineering, and infrastructure testing.

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