Salus Technologies scores $8 million to build construction safety software 

On top of this funding round, the company received over $2.6 million from the Government of Canada last November.

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Who said December was a slow period for investment? At the end of last year, Salus Technologies, a Vancouver-based software company, successfully closed $8 million in a Series A funding round from various New York investors.

What does Salus do? Salus has built a simple-to-use safety management platform for the construction, mining, and similar industries. The business’s software empowers field workers and safety professionals to address inefficiencies in their safety compliance, and mitigate risk in their day-to-day. The Salus platform allows field workers to submit critical safety documentation on-site from their mobile devices, providing visibility and insights into their team’s safety compliance in real-time.

Why does it matter? Aside from the difficulties of raising money in the current climate, Salus has been somewhat of a darling in the local tech scene of late. On top of this funding round, the company also received over $2.6 million from the Government of Canada last November. Scoring that funding implies that its business fundamentals have successfully weathered the challenges of the pandemic, which paused or halted many construction projects.

It’s also significant that Salus, a Vancouver-based company, has chosen to focus on industries relevant to the local community. A massive proportion of B.C.’s economy hinges on housing, with construction accounting for nearly 10 percent of the province’s GDP: a value worth $25.4 billion. Mining, too, has been a traditional cornerstone in B.C., with the region boasting one of the largest mining sectors in Canada, including more than 1,200 mineral exploration and mining companies. The industry currently employs more than 10,000 people in B.C., offering Salus a range of local organizations to sell to.

What’s the money going toward? In a word: everything. The new funding, the outfit says, will help the company develop new software functions that better serve its customers’ needs, and enable organizations to increase worksite safety. It will also allow Salus to elevate customer support, launch marketing efforts, and boost safety management in more markets. In the coming months, the firm will focus on expanding its team to bring in new specialists.

Who said what? “We’re breaking down barriers in the safety industry through the use of technology,” said Rob Clifford, CTO and co-founder of Salus. “Our primary focus is to make safety information more accessible to leaders, through a platform that is approachable to field workers. That’s how we empower organizations to proactively address safety concerns.”

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