Boris Wertz’s Version One is looking for a new partner

The Vancouver-based VC firm is keen to find someone who aligns with their values of creating meaningful connections

Photo: Version One

Version One, a Vancouver-based early-stage VC firm, is on the lookout for its third partner. Run by Boris Wertz and Angela Tran, the firm is on its fourth core USD $70 million pre-seed and seed stage fund and its second USD $30 million opportunity fund that lets firms continue to back existing portfolio companies. Version One strongly believes that early-stage investing is best done by small teams aligned around a differentiated investment thesis.

In a company post, founder Wertz shared: “We like to invest at the edges, not in the mainstream. We like to lead, not follow. We are comfortable betting on founders without (obvious) pedigree. We like to back mission-driven founders that are early in new areas. We love investing in people, not necessarily in existing traction and numbers. And we’re happy to back first-time entrepreneurs that nobody has ever backed.”

What they’re looking for in a partner

  • Investing experience as a solo general partner, junior member of a larger firm and/or frequent angel investor.

  • A generalist more interested in the edges of technology markets than mainstream — such as crypto, climate, AI, synthetic bio, deep tech, and AR/VR.

  • Someone who wants to be a great partner to founders — asking good questions but not always shouting out the answers.

  • An independent thinker always looking for the contrarian angle to the mainstream opinion.

  • Someone in the flow of connecting with people online or in person and who learns from others while they learn from them.

  • Someone who’s hungry and wants to make their mark on the VC business — acknowledging that this is a decades-long endeavour.

Version One also added that they’re looking for a candidate keen on creating meaningful connections with their team and founders, and aren't seeking a springboard to join a larger fund or hoping to rely on a playbook. Degrees and location do not matter to the firm; however, a larger tech ecosystem is a plus.

To apply, Wertz encouraged potential candidates to connect online and reach out in a way that reflects what they’re looking for.

“There is no formal application process for this role. Please find us on the Internet and reach out in the most meaningful way that reflects what we are looking for.”

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